Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mr. Bean vs. Michael Jackson = Win

"Hands are NOT for hitting!"

Had a successful trip to Longwood today!  The weather was phenomenal, my camera didn't feel too heavy as I lugged it around, and best of all--the place wasn't packed.  I overheard quite a few interesting comments, either from mother to child (above), or from husbands to wives, or from people talking to themselves.  I like to people watch when I'm there (oh, and I might add that on my way out of the place, I saw a wedding party on their way in).  My new 10-20mm lens performed well, and I took a lot of HDR photos--or rather, took 5 shots of every subject so that I could later make an HDR out of them.  Some of them turned out pretty shiny!

(Had some major ghosting on this one, apologies.)

What else is happening?  Hrm, not much.  We are attacking our lawn tomorrow.  Gonna try to kill the crabgrass, clover, and otherwise good-sounding but evil-intending plants that are passing for grass.  I bought two bottles of Weed-B-Gone at Home Depot, and my very first week-wacker (so proud!), and I intend for our lawn to be the best on the cul-de-sac after tomorrow.  Huzzah!
Going to see "Inception" tonight with Jeffie.  Good times... good, head-tripping times.  Stay classy, everyone.

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