Sunday, November 6, 2011

Geocaching again!

Hallo there!  What a day Jeff and I had.  First we got up, turned the clocks back (thank you, fall!), and made some eggs for breakfast.  After cleaning up, I then asked Jeff to come geocaching with me.  We'd done it on my birthday but didn't find either of the caches we set out to find.  Today we went to one new place in Downingtown, near where Jeff works, and that one took about 20 minutes to find, and finding it restored some confidence in our finding abilities.  Then we went back to the two locations we'd been to on my birthday and tried them again.  What's wonderful about these two spots is that they're only a few miles from where we live, and they're out in scenic horse country.  Even if you don't find them, the ride is enjoyable enough that you don't care much!  

Anyway, the first one, called "Big Springs Road," took us an HOUR to find, and Jeff was the one who found it.  I was so proud of him!  The cache was off to the side of a gravel maintenance road that runs behind some horse farms, and the scenery back there is wonderful (see photos below).  We then hit up the other spot, which is near a very busy tavern/restaurant.  It's hard to find parking, so we parked along the road and started hunting.  Again, Jeff found the cache, hidden behind a part of the bridge railing that is near the tavern.  Way to go, Jeff!  

So we found 3 caches today, and it was a beautiful fall day, perfect for hunting.  I'm glad we got out of the house so much this weekend--we had the Flyers vs. Blue Jackets game on Saturday.  Flyers won, 9 to 2!!  I got some pretty good shots there, and it was an amazing hockey game.  One of the most exciting I've seen in a while.

Well, off to play some Sims!  I won an award recently on a forum I belong to for a picture that I posted.  They liked it so much I won the "Photograph of the Week" award!  Woohoo! *nerd* :)

Photos (click on each one to view the original!)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Amy & Mike's Wedding, 9.10.11

We all survived the wedding!

Here are some of my favorite shots from Amy and Mike's wedding yesterday.  Enjoy!

Monday, June 13, 2011

A short post.

Here are some things I've done lately:

1)  Some A lot of mental shopping.  Here's my shortlist!

Owl Pplate from Poppytalk Handmade

Tote by Maptote

Anything at this Etsy shop


2)  Tweeting, which I swore I'd never do.  Curse you, Flyers players who have Twitter accounts and post regularly enough to make me keep checking back often to see what you're doing this summer (which apparently includes beefing up, going home to Alaska, and recovering from wrist surgery).  You have earned my eternal lovehate.

3) Working overtime and gaining many, many gray hairs.  Also watching Playoff hockey, which piles on more gray hairs.  That's why I'm far away from the TV right now.  Damn you, Boston, enjoy it while you can...

Fun picture from Rockford!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Flyers Regular Season is OVER! On to the play-offs...

That's it, no more regular ol' hockey games this year!  Now it's play-off time.  The Flyers are up against the Buffalo Sabres in the first round, pretty exciting.  Megan will at least be pleased, getting to watch her #1 goalie hockey beau Ryan Miller play.  I'm signing up for the Beard-a-Thon, which looks like it will be hairy.  Come on, don't you want to make a pledge based on the fullness of a hockey player's beard?  Eh?  Ehhhh?

Pictures from last night down below.  I didn't get too many this time around, because I vowed I was just going to watch the warm-ups and not take pictures.  How long do you think I held out?  About 2 minutes.  Then Danny skated by and I couldn't help myself any more.  At one point he slowly went by and the little boy in front of me banged on the glass, which got Danny to turn and smile at the kid.  I nearly lost it, I don't mind telling you.  The adorableness of it all!  The Flyers gave out their annual awards before the game, too--Danny got the Toyota Cup Award for the most team points, Giroux got both the Gene Hart and Bobby Clarke MVP awards, and Meszaros and Nodle both got awards too.  After a whirlwind game, the Flyers came out on top 7-4.  The first 2 goals were scored by Hartnell and Timmonen in the 1st period before the first minute of the game had passed.  After that it was a roller coaster, but very exciting and entertaining.

I really want to get out and garden!


Monday, April 4, 2011


I am such a slacker!  First off, I said I'd try to keep this blog active and current, and here I haven't posted since last October.  SHAME on me.  Secondly...well, there is no "secondly." But I do have some updates:

1.  I'm going to be an AUNTIE!  Just found out yesterday, my sister-in-law is 5 weeks along already.  I can't wait to send her horrific maternity clothing as a joke.... What should my aunt-related nickname be?

2.  Jeff and I have been to many, many hockey games since October.  The Flyers started going through a.....let's just say they've been in and out of a slump since the All Star break, which was in January.  They were the first NHL team to get a confirmed Playoff berth though, so all is not lost.  Also, we went to the Flyers Wives Carnival, and that...was...SUPER.  It's a long story, but in short I got a photo with two of the Flyers and got my Briere jersey signed.  BY BRIERE.  Super.  (See photos below!)

3.  I am just now getting over the last of a cold that I got back in February.  Yeah, that's a long cold.  My doctor?  He said it was allergy-related.  Let me tell you something: I'm not a doctor, but I know that cold wasn't allergy-related.  I had a wet, phlegm-filled cough for weeks.  I'd cough so hard that I'd have the urge to vomit, and most of the time did.  What allergy do you think causes that?  Hm?

4.  My garden is coming back to life!  AH!  Slowly but surely.  I cannot wait to spend some time outside getting my nails dirty.

5.  My boss situation still stinks.  She's never going to respect me or treat me like a fellow human being, so I'm going to complain to her boss the next time she makes me feel like a mentally retarded child in front of the whole office for no reason.  (That kind of thing happens on a daily basis, by the way--and for the record, I'm neither mentally retarded nor a child.)

Phew!  Enough of that.  I have many photos to share, the first few of which are my newest batch of cupcakes: lemon cake with home-made vanilla frosting and strawberry slices on the top.  SO DELICIOUS!  


This man (Ian Laperriere, #14) regularly stopped pucks with his face--his FACE. And never thought twice about it, because he cared so much for his team that he'd do anything to keep the other team from scoring. He is AWESOME, and I was so happy to get to meet him!  He hasn't even played at all this year, and the line of people waiting to meet him was the longest one when we got there. It was worth it.


Looks kind of lecherous, doesn't he? :)  This is one of Megan's many hockey beaus, Ville Leino, #22.