Sunday, April 10, 2011

Flyers Regular Season is OVER! On to the play-offs...

That's it, no more regular ol' hockey games this year!  Now it's play-off time.  The Flyers are up against the Buffalo Sabres in the first round, pretty exciting.  Megan will at least be pleased, getting to watch her #1 goalie hockey beau Ryan Miller play.  I'm signing up for the Beard-a-Thon, which looks like it will be hairy.  Come on, don't you want to make a pledge based on the fullness of a hockey player's beard?  Eh?  Ehhhh?

Pictures from last night down below.  I didn't get too many this time around, because I vowed I was just going to watch the warm-ups and not take pictures.  How long do you think I held out?  About 2 minutes.  Then Danny skated by and I couldn't help myself any more.  At one point he slowly went by and the little boy in front of me banged on the glass, which got Danny to turn and smile at the kid.  I nearly lost it, I don't mind telling you.  The adorableness of it all!  The Flyers gave out their annual awards before the game, too--Danny got the Toyota Cup Award for the most team points, Giroux got both the Gene Hart and Bobby Clarke MVP awards, and Meszaros and Nodle both got awards too.  After a whirlwind game, the Flyers came out on top 7-4.  The first 2 goals were scored by Hartnell and Timmonen in the 1st period before the first minute of the game had passed.  After that it was a roller coaster, but very exciting and entertaining.

I really want to get out and garden!


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