Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mr. Bean vs. Michael Jackson = Win

"Hands are NOT for hitting!"

Had a successful trip to Longwood today!  The weather was phenomenal, my camera didn't feel too heavy as I lugged it around, and best of all--the place wasn't packed.  I overheard quite a few interesting comments, either from mother to child (above), or from husbands to wives, or from people talking to themselves.  I like to people watch when I'm there (oh, and I might add that on my way out of the place, I saw a wedding party on their way in).  My new 10-20mm lens performed well, and I took a lot of HDR photos--or rather, took 5 shots of every subject so that I could later make an HDR out of them.  Some of them turned out pretty shiny!

(Had some major ghosting on this one, apologies.)

What else is happening?  Hrm, not much.  We are attacking our lawn tomorrow.  Gonna try to kill the crabgrass, clover, and otherwise good-sounding but evil-intending plants that are passing for grass.  I bought two bottles of Weed-B-Gone at Home Depot, and my very first week-wacker (so proud!), and I intend for our lawn to be the best on the cul-de-sac after tomorrow.  Huzzah!
Going to see "Inception" tonight with Jeffie.  Good times... good, head-tripping times.  Stay classy, everyone.

Friday, July 30, 2010

An uneventful, but gorgeous, day.

"I don't want no paper gangsta."

I heard that particular lyric quite a few times today, courtesy of my lovely office mate Liz.  She's hip with the music stuff, while I am really not.  ...Unless you count the fact that I know a lot of random Japanese from listening to my very large J-Pop/Anime OST collection (Cowboy Bebop "ELM" = love).  I certainly don't.

Some things from Etsy I love/wish I could afford/want some sugar daddy to buy me:


It has ceased to be 90% humidity and 100 degrees here in eastern PA, so today had me wishing I worked construction, just so I could be outside.  In the summer that's rare for me to say--I'm what you would call "hateful of the heat."  Today it didn't get over 85, and the humidity was a nice, low 41%.  Tomorrow will be more of the same, so my pasty white butt will be trekking to Longwood Gardens, in historic Kennett Square.  Longwood is the East Coast's largest arboretum, and is a wonderful place to check out not just plants, but architecture and people, too.  Every time I'm there, from Spring till Fall, weddings are taking place.  Check it out on Flickr, you might be impressed!  I'll be uploading some shots from there if all goes well.  For now, a summer shot I took out of my office window at sunset (fear my weedy lawn!!, and sorry for the screen distortion!) and my uber new alt on WoW, Quynlyn (Draenei shaman).  Have a good Friday night, everyone!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


"The BOCA ticket printer is a BEAST."

This week at work we began printing out what is going to end up totaling 35,000 tickets.  So far we've printing 13,713 - we have three more days to print, check and rip apart the rest.  Wooowwee!  No small feat.  To show the severity of my plight for the remainder of the week, I submit exhibits A and B:
(Please note that my desk is NOT usually this messy.  The cute Hollywoods hanging on the wall are always there, however - as well as about 1/100th of my anime figure collection.  Yes, I nerd.)

Needless to say, it's a monster.

Moving on!  I received from B & H Photo today my new Sigma 10-20mm lens, and I am thrilled.  I don't quite know what I'm doing with it and I've only been able to do a small test run today on my way home from work - let's just say I will need a lot of practice!  But I'm hopeful, and if you're not too afraid, please do check out my test shots.  Enjoy!


 Yes, I now have one of these fun tree shot thingies too!

Look...just look at my cute shoes!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

I am just starting out.

"Interweb's 3,456,112,094th site opens."

I apologize for spamming the Interwebs with yet another design blog, but as design is one of the 3 things that make me insanely happy, I had to try it.  I've been inspired by many wonderful sites, which you should visit at some point: Door Sixteen, The Brick House, Poppytalk, & A Beautiful Mes, just to name a few.  Reading those blogs gives me hope that I can maybe, some day, outfit my home the way I want.  Bits & pieces, we'll get there.

Since I like taking photos, and I want to keep track of my work-in-progress home, this blog will serve two purposes.  I'll start you off with some photos I took in my office & bedroom just this afternoon!