Sunday, July 25, 2010

I am just starting out.

"Interweb's 3,456,112,094th site opens."

I apologize for spamming the Interwebs with yet another design blog, but as design is one of the 3 things that make me insanely happy, I had to try it.  I've been inspired by many wonderful sites, which you should visit at some point: Door Sixteen, The Brick House, Poppytalk, & A Beautiful Mes, just to name a few.  Reading those blogs gives me hope that I can maybe, some day, outfit my home the way I want.  Bits & pieces, we'll get there.

Since I like taking photos, and I want to keep track of my work-in-progress home, this blog will serve two purposes.  I'll start you off with some photos I took in my office & bedroom just this afternoon!



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