Monday, April 4, 2011


I am such a slacker!  First off, I said I'd try to keep this blog active and current, and here I haven't posted since last October.  SHAME on me.  Secondly...well, there is no "secondly." But I do have some updates:

1.  I'm going to be an AUNTIE!  Just found out yesterday, my sister-in-law is 5 weeks along already.  I can't wait to send her horrific maternity clothing as a joke.... What should my aunt-related nickname be?

2.  Jeff and I have been to many, many hockey games since October.  The Flyers started going through a.....let's just say they've been in and out of a slump since the All Star break, which was in January.  They were the first NHL team to get a confirmed Playoff berth though, so all is not lost.  Also, we went to the Flyers Wives Carnival, and that...was...SUPER.  It's a long story, but in short I got a photo with two of the Flyers and got my Briere jersey signed.  BY BRIERE.  Super.  (See photos below!)

3.  I am just now getting over the last of a cold that I got back in February.  Yeah, that's a long cold.  My doctor?  He said it was allergy-related.  Let me tell you something: I'm not a doctor, but I know that cold wasn't allergy-related.  I had a wet, phlegm-filled cough for weeks.  I'd cough so hard that I'd have the urge to vomit, and most of the time did.  What allergy do you think causes that?  Hm?

4.  My garden is coming back to life!  AH!  Slowly but surely.  I cannot wait to spend some time outside getting my nails dirty.

5.  My boss situation still stinks.  She's never going to respect me or treat me like a fellow human being, so I'm going to complain to her boss the next time she makes me feel like a mentally retarded child in front of the whole office for no reason.  (That kind of thing happens on a daily basis, by the way--and for the record, I'm neither mentally retarded nor a child.)

Phew!  Enough of that.  I have many photos to share, the first few of which are my newest batch of cupcakes: lemon cake with home-made vanilla frosting and strawberry slices on the top.  SO DELICIOUS!  


This man (Ian Laperriere, #14) regularly stopped pucks with his face--his FACE. And never thought twice about it, because he cared so much for his team that he'd do anything to keep the other team from scoring. He is AWESOME, and I was so happy to get to meet him!  He hasn't even played at all this year, and the line of people waiting to meet him was the longest one when we got there. It was worth it.


Looks kind of lecherous, doesn't he? :)  This is one of Megan's many hockey beaus, Ville Leino, #22.

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