Saturday, October 30, 2010


I love Fall! 

It's definitely Fall around here.  The trees are looking pretty bare (most of their leaves are in our yard, in fact), the smell of wood fires and decaying foliage is strong in the crisp air, and the windows are shut tight.  BEST. TIME. OF. THE. YEAR. 

This morning I got up around 10 and went for a long walk.  On my loop back to the house, I saw a vine with some berries attached to it dangling from a low tree limb.  I thought, "my, that would look just precious strung around the bowl on my dining room table!"  So I pulled, and pulled, and eventually got most of the vine, which I then had to carry with my all the way back home.  It was worth it, because it looks so rustic and awesome.

On my way to a nice, warm shower, I picked up the Comet cleanser and some rags.  I scrubbed that shower nice and clean (it badly needed that) and now I almost want to take a bath in there.  But not quite--I could not get the bottom clean, no matter how hard I scrubbed.  My next step is to caulk every nook and cranny, because I'm tired of dark, icky things creeping out of the seams in the plastic.

After my shower, I did some minor cleaning around the house (vacuuming, dusting, lighting candles.....that counts!), and then I put up some white sheer IKEA curtains I'd bought a month ago.  I wanted to just brighten up the room, and add a little something softer to the windows.  I think it came out nicely!  Now I am going to have some lunch, and take a nap.  I have Monday off, so I'm trying to get everything done around the house before then so I can actually enjoy the time off. :)


See that awesome red splotch in the lower right corner with hydrangea coming out of it?  That's an authentic, vintage Dansk pitcher that I got for an extremely low price on eBay, and I LOVE IT.  Here's what they look like (and ignore the prices on that page--I didn't pay anything near that for mine!).

Fog on my way to work the other day.  Spooooooky!

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