Sunday, November 6, 2011

Geocaching again!

Hallo there!  What a day Jeff and I had.  First we got up, turned the clocks back (thank you, fall!), and made some eggs for breakfast.  After cleaning up, I then asked Jeff to come geocaching with me.  We'd done it on my birthday but didn't find either of the caches we set out to find.  Today we went to one new place in Downingtown, near where Jeff works, and that one took about 20 minutes to find, and finding it restored some confidence in our finding abilities.  Then we went back to the two locations we'd been to on my birthday and tried them again.  What's wonderful about these two spots is that they're only a few miles from where we live, and they're out in scenic horse country.  Even if you don't find them, the ride is enjoyable enough that you don't care much!  

Anyway, the first one, called "Big Springs Road," took us an HOUR to find, and Jeff was the one who found it.  I was so proud of him!  The cache was off to the side of a gravel maintenance road that runs behind some horse farms, and the scenery back there is wonderful (see photos below).  We then hit up the other spot, which is near a very busy tavern/restaurant.  It's hard to find parking, so we parked along the road and started hunting.  Again, Jeff found the cache, hidden behind a part of the bridge railing that is near the tavern.  Way to go, Jeff!  

So we found 3 caches today, and it was a beautiful fall day, perfect for hunting.  I'm glad we got out of the house so much this weekend--we had the Flyers vs. Blue Jackets game on Saturday.  Flyers won, 9 to 2!!  I got some pretty good shots there, and it was an amazing hockey game.  One of the most exciting I've seen in a while.

Well, off to play some Sims!  I won an award recently on a forum I belong to for a picture that I posted.  They liked it so much I won the "Photograph of the Week" award!  Woohoo! *nerd* :)

Photos (click on each one to view the original!)

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