Sunday, August 8, 2010

IKEA scavaging!

"Hooray for the everyday."

I received the brand new, 2010 IKEA catalog in the mail this past Thursday.  This is always a momentous occasion for me, as I 1) LOVE IKEA, and 2) love reasons to go there and spend money. I bought a bunch of small things, from vases to shower liners to candle holders ($.99 each!), but my main reason for going was to buy supplies for a small DIY project.  I was inspired by this post from Anna @ D16 (call me creepy if you want, but I lurk at D16 because everything she has done to her home(s) has been so incredibly inspiring to me!).  She took an old, ugly stool and covered it with a beautiful wooden tray that she had found.  I figured, if someone else can do it, so can I!  And when I got that catalog and saw they were selling a black stool for $6 and trays for $14, well, I couldn't pass it up.  So, I sanded down and stained the trays with IKEA's "antiquing" glaze, and glued them to the stools.  Here they are, my new IKEA-hacked end tables!


And there you have it.  Not quite the same as Anna's, but then I'm not one to copycat entirely.  I'm like Japan--take a good idea and make it your own. :)

Here are a few more random shots from this weekend, which is sadly almost over already.  Oh, Mondays, you are wicked!

PS - These tree vases are so great!  And I've never seen them at my local IKEA.  I. Want. Them.  (Also, this entire room is amazing--do places like this really exist?)

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